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Made manual improvements to regex to detect JSON, HTML, CSS and SQL. Note this may break other things, but hopefully does not.


Added some performance improvements, updated the syntax and the colouring library. Fixed an issue with some Asian unicode characters due to smart-quotes being stripped, made that feature optional and saved in a cookie.


Fixed a bug affecting background colour (thanks Rianna!), fixed an issue with the line numbering going off by 1 sometimes, fixed a bug where code could escape the textarea, updated to PHP 8.2.


1) Moved to new server, 2) Removed Google Ads and will just share random interesting links instead, 3) Updated UI slightly with line numbers, copy buttons 4) Added 'raw=1' optional URL parameter

I have most likely broken something on the server, and autodetect seems to be really janky (why did no one tell me?!) so I am going to try to refine this a bit over the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!


Krzysztof published some great books about Python (mostly Polish but Google translate works well) and mentioned ToHTML in it! Thanks Krzysztof! Paper version here and optionally eBook version too!


Someone has pointed out that certain code, specifically SQL UPDATE statements at least, appear to break the site causing a 520 error, when the site is actually kind of worknig. We are investigating!
Fixed! It turned out to be an issue in the code to do with handling non-SSL requests, which would sometimes come from our WAF.


[Insert COVID excuses here]


It was brought to my attention that ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR is an issue again, but this appears to be only when POSTing directly instead of using the web UI. Please let me know if this is not the case for you.

Also fixed a few minor bugs with type detection inc Bash.


Found an edge case where the encode-on-POST did not happen, resulting in garbage output. Removed all Base64 encoding to resolve this. Hopefully ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR issue does not come back in Chrome!


Whelp, it's been a while. This is a bit of a hobby project to keep alive, since I use it myself. I have fixed a bug that caused leading whitespace to be removed, made it replace MS Word 'smart quotes' with real quotes, and also added generation datestamps. Thanks to H Gleaves, K Gillen, and Odzhan for reporting these! I then added a "Copy to clipboard" button as suggested by T Miseur, and lastly, BASIC UNICODE SUPPORT! Enjoy :)


Unfortunately we've been too busy to give ToHTML much love recently, but I just fixed an issue with certain code being submitted resulting in a ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR error in Chrome by having the source base64 encoded in-transit, and also added some cell padding to make text selection easier.


Hey there,

We have just made a few changes, including: moving to a newer faster server, fixing up some layout issues, fixing some bugs with type detection, forcing SSL (HTTPS), and other things which I've already forgotten.

As usual, if you notice anything amiss just let us know!

Happy Australia Day,
The Agilis IT Team


Hi everyone,

First off, happy holidays and new years to those that celebrate it. We're hoping for a strong 2016 for us and everyone else.

This is just a quick post to apologise for the recent outages. We've had some server maintenance going on, and unfortunately monitoring missed one service on one server, which was running

Moving forward, we have setup additional monitoring including minutely page-load checks from multiple locations with SMS and email alerts.

Thank you for your patience, and kind regards,
The Agilis IT Team


Hi again,

We have had to make a minor change to this service, as it's getting more popular and hence costing more time and money to maintain.

We understand that not everyone will be a fan of the change, so we've also added a little bit of news that I'll update from time to time, and a poll to see if there are changes we could make to improve this service for you.

As always, we are your humble servants. Keep up the great code and sharing of knowledge everyone!

The Agilis IT Team


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately it's been some years without an update. Unfortunately the backend library this service uses is not updated as often as we would like. Because of this, and a number of other minor issues, we are currently working on a replacement site that is nicer, faster, and supports more languages. That being said though, this is a zero-income project for us, so it's not the highest of priorities.

In the mean time, I have grabbed some of the more recent syntax definitions and uploaded them, fixing a number of issues in langauges and also adding PowerShell. Note that this is hack-and-chop work, so please let us know if there's any problems.

The Agilis IT Team

Something Interesting

Milk-V Duo S


RISC-V x2 + ARM64 + 8051 + TPU In One!

After waiting a long time for this, people finally have it in their hands, and it's a powerful little (odd shaped) devices that has somes ups and downs.

Note: Arduino not yet supported, but should be soon
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